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💡 Password Security Guidelines for everyone

  1. Always use a password that is very long, which can only be copy-pasted.
  2. If you use a browser-based password manager to store your password; it may make your browsing experience easier, but make sure no one can access your PC or user account.
  3. Keep an eye on database breaches, such as password and username leaks.
  4. Nowadays, websites support bigger passwords, so at least use a 50 character length password wherever possible.
  5. Never use pirated operating systems, because those may come with keyloggers or viruses that can steal your personal data; the same applies to any kind of pirated software. Always buy and use genuine softwares.
  6. Create a master password to access your other passwords, if you are using web-based password managers like, then your google account password is your master password.
  7. If you have enabled two-factor authentication such as OTP (One Time Password) or a TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) like Google Authenticator, you can set a simple & strong password like the one mentioned below.
  8. It's recommended to remember your master passwords, or store them offline where only you can access it.
  9. Don't store your personal files or plain text recovery phrases in your hard disk without any encryption; Use the open source software like Veracrypt to store your personal files.

🤯 Create a simple & easy pattern to remember your master password

"#Psswrd@2022". This example format allows you to choose one word and pair it with a four digit number; This format is suitable for most websites on the internet because it fulfills the common requirements such as use of numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters. But don't use your name or your favorite pet name like "#Dogoo@2022", make up a word that is not in the dictionary and a 4-digit number that no one can guess.

How to check if your password has been compromised or leaked?

Here is a website called haveibeenpwned; you can use it to check if your email or phone is in a data breach.